Skyrim Game

Playing Skyrim. It seems pretty good. Has anybody else played it?


Yeah spent a lot of time in Skyrim. Never finished it but I still revisit it regularly. The next elder scrolls should be cool too so looking forward to that!

I always hit 100 Blacksmith and Alchemy and Enchanting and make thousand damage swords which break the game on its hardest difficulty… then I get bored >_<

It’s fun if you don’t do that. And if you do that, it can be fun working up to that point at least. If you’re playing on PC there are a lot of mods you can download, too. XB1 and PS4 have some mod options in the menu also. I hear it’s a lot better with mods.

I’m hoping the sixth Elder Scrolls game will take place in the land of the Khajiit. The only problem with Skyrim is there are no Lizard or Cat children! Hatchlings and kittens would have been nice, but all the kids are nords.

Yes the end boss is hard as @$!# without godmode. Love the black book and vampire race. Never got into beast mode much.

When im at my lower points sometimes i can manage to play skyrim still. So considering i lose interest in everything at those times and originally played skyrim when it first came out, its pretty gud.

I loved Skyrim played it to death

Man. I would have loved to play that game as a kid. The graphics are superb. Probably really neat on a high end gaming computer.

Anyone play or heard of Rust? It’s on steam and it’s a survival game. Looks pretty cool.

Skyrim was awesome. I played that alot. I can’t wait for the next skyrim. Although it could easily be another 5 years or so before it comes out

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