Vraylar withdrawals

so i’ve been on vraylar for bipolar 1 since the research study in 2015.

i recently spent this last week without it and it was hell on earth.

my last dose was last tuesday, come saturday evening i thought i was dying.

there isn’t really info on vraylar withdrawals out there. even my pharmacist and psychiatrist couldn’t find any official info. it was all just assumptions, which made me feel even crazier like i was making it up.

some of the nightmareish symptoms i had included:

hot/cold fashes
dripping sweat (mostly on my face)
muscle tension
general malaise/fatigue with no motivation
insomnia at night
severe debilitating stomach cramps
serious pressure in my head / headaches
a claw like hand that was hard to move
mood swings (crying for 15 minutes then laughing)
loss of appetite
high anxiety and worrying

…i think this is all of them.

i finally got my rx filled after it needed a prior authorization as it would’ve been $1300 without insurance coverage.

just wanted to put this out there in case anyone else has to unfortunately go through this. you’re not crazy in this aspect, it is physically effecting you.

please reach out if you have any more questions.

this was hellish!


im sorry about your withdrawal symptoms they must been hell like me on geodon that was hellish too

is vraylar better then abilify or is it a fake feeling

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i liked it much better honestly. i took it in the morning and it actually gave me motivation. abilify got rid of the negatives but didn’t exactly activate me. it’s the best AP i’ve been on so far.

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What was your dosage?

3mg once a day - started with 1.5mg the first few months

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I’ve just went off vraylar cold turkey from 3 mg. Was only on it a few weeks and I feel horrible!!! I have all the same symptoms. The withdrawal is complete hell!!! Thank you for sharing cause I can’t find any information on it either!!

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Ya vraylar is addictive! First thing I do is take it when I wake up to wake up…