Vraylar or Caplyta, Do either help motivation?

I really wanna know what I should be doing now. I should maybe just relax but I feel like a loser without a Bachelors degree and a car…

Maybe I should just let the nieces go to college and be proud of that…

The problem is I live in a trailor and cant afford repairs on my own if those bills were to arise…

I know one day my plumbing roof and trailor may need to be leveled…

im glad I am kinda beginning to think for obligations again, but I realll do wanna know if Vraylar makes you feel empowered and able

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Counting on the miracle medication is futile.

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That’s good motivation to work

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if you think its that simple your wrong. my floor is a mess, lol theres no jobs. i want them to focus on growing my area of town.

Amazon has a warehouse and there building a wholefoods on the bus line but I gotta get transportation and drive again stuff like that. people miles away in the mountains dont always work. I am waiting to get access to the part of me that can do for myself again

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