Vraylar Journal

I started taking Vraylar 1.5mg today.

I tried replying to older threads about it, but was immediately told not to reply. Now I want to cry.

If a thread isn’t closed it’s not my fault. I feel like this is not a welcoming place.

Now my experience is terrible. Please be more diplomatic with posters on this forum. I have been horribly triggered. For some of us, this forum is our only happiness. Now it’s ruined.

Now the medication feels unhelpful and cold.

You will be alright. You just started taking the meds. It will be a little bit before they begin working…

Ninjastar is actually really cool… but perception in your case I think we should kindle/or coddle(treat tenderly).

I’M on Vraylar 3 mg. And have been for about 3 months. Is this your first med? In my family we were thrilled to get our hands on a drug that was new… but I’m having mixed opinions about it - I’m sorry to say.

Sorry everyone. It’s the new medication plus I’m having trouble at Goodwill, where I work.

It’s me.

Thank you though!

Hi. I’m sorry you were triggered. Please understand it is also very triggering for others to have their old threads revived. It is our job as moderators to make sure everyone has as smooth of an experience as possible on this site. The message I posted was the standard form reply to anyone who has posted on a thread more than a year old. I am glad you started your own thread about Vraylar, and I hope you get the responses you were looking for.


*breaks out the popcorn and watches people get triggered.

hows the vraylar working for you hun?

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I’m doing a lot better, thank you so much. Taking these meds is important!

Vraylar helps me go to work and accomplish tasks like shopping.

I take 3mg now, along with lamotrigine and quetiapine.

Sorry for being such a mess before!

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Oh no we all understand. That is a main reason we have this forum is for support. So what symptoms has it helped? Please elaborate in detail. They put me on invega and im not doing too well. I feel more depressed. I am still suicidal

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Oh I was terrible on Invega. I would cry my eyes out. I hope you feel better.

The vraylar helps motivation. Without it, I would want to lay on the couch all day. The vraylar sort of forces you to move.

Vraylar also evens me out. Less lows and highs.

The voices are still here, though. So this might not be the final drug for me.

That’s about all. I do hope you get feeling better.

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