Vomiting in the mornings

I’m on 20mg Nexium and still vomit and choke it down a lot of mornings. A week or so ago I just couldn’t hold it in, my stomach completely contracted and coffee went all over the bathroom floor.

Should I ask to take more Nexium? I hate waking up and eating and drinking coffee only to use my full concentration to keep it down.

Sound rough dude.

There are always caffeine pills.

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Caffeine pills made me sick too. I immediately begin dry heaving when I wake up. It’s not the coffee or food.

Welcome to having a physical body. Sometimes they are hard to figure out!



I puked up my coffee a few weeks ago. I still drink it but feels like it rotting in my stomach. I get nauseous lately too and feel sick. Hate meds so much, I feel like they poisoning me. They help me with positive symptoms but the side effects…

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Have you been checked for stomach ulcers? (they are sometimes stress induced)

When my sis had hers… she couldn’t keep food down either… anything acidic like coffee came right back up.

She had to eat a lot of gentle food like rice and drink a bit of milk before she could eat.

Of course she waited and waited until hers were bad enough she needed to go to hospital … but I hear if you catch them early enough… no hospital stay required.

Good luck and I hope you get this checked out soon.


I don’t think taking an anti-acid or a medication for acid reflux disease means you can drink as much acidic liquid as you want. And how much are you drinking? It might be the amount that you are drinking that is making you throw up. Or maybe you are eating and drinking too soon after you arise in the morning, maybe you should wait an hour after you get up to put something in your stomach.

I’m too nervous in the mornings to eat anything at all. One boss was so demanding with 7am meetings, I learned to eat nothing at all. Now Just a cup of OJ to settle my stomach on the commute before I dig in.

Then after I accomplish things, I settle down and have lunch. And nerves settle too.

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I drink a canned double shot of espresso it’s not much liquid at all its like six fluid ounces

Maybe you should try cutting that out of your daily routine for a week or so and see how you feel.

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Have you looked into GERD? You’re self-descriptions include “Type A” and bipolar. Classic set-up for GERD.


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I not bipolar

I chronic paranoid schizo with anxiety and other crap

At least we know you aren’t pregnant.

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Interesting. Couldda fooled me (and did). (I realize bipolar has a cultural stigma, but so what?) In whatever event, you might get some relief from looking into the GERD angle given what you have said you like to eat.

People confuse my agitation and drug use with mood disorders. I am either due for meds, on lots of meds, or one or the other combined with epic amounts of caffeine and some nicotine. I know mania, and I know depression, my sister has bipolar and I live with her. I dont have mood problems, my mood is steady without medication- it’s agitated, asocial, angry and numb without meds.

I have the same through out the day need bottled water to help but eased of this week