Coffee repulses me!

My morning coffee. Just the smell, and thought makes me want to barf! I can’t drink energy drinks, because they are too stimulating. So would eating before my coffee, make me less want to throw up?

You could try adding chocolate milk… or some kind of flavored creamer.

I always have to eat before any sort of caffeine, or I end up feeling sick and cranky.
If coffee doesn’t jive with you, maybe try tea; orange pekoe, black, white, green, ginseng…
I personally alternate days and weeks with coffee, tea, milk, fruit juices, then sometimes soda.

Having some food in your stomach can help if you get nauseous after drinking, but if just the smell makes you sick, it’s probably something else. Have you always felt sick with coffee? Maybe you’re pregnant…

WELL I’m a man! If you can’t tell by the facial hair on my avatar.

If arnold schwarzenegger can do it, you can too!

I think it’s since I added Abilify. I think the
combo is sickening. But I still need my caffiene in the AM. I will just try it with food.

Have you tried liquid B Complex? It gives me the same 'jump start’that I imagine that coffee gives,LOL you put it under your tongue like liquid LSD, you see the recepters under the tongue give immediate absorption.

Sounds fishy…

Or just eat a orange kinda the same thing just not as condensed., coffee sucks dude ,anything that raises the blood pressure and heart rate can’t be a good thing.

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Topomax used to make all foods taste not very nice, good for weight loss I guess.

Is this something new with the coffee?
Why would you still want to drink if it makes you feel sick?

I blame topamax for partially pushing me over the edge and developing SZ. It made me feel like my head was a huge vault and we all lived in it!!! :scream: I think since I started Abilify, they don’t like coffee. I think my body is traumatized from caffiene, because it provokes my symptoms.

Topamax made all soda’s at the fountain taste flat, and from a can they tasted like they sat in the hot summer sun for many years.
Don’t know how many restaurants changed their fountain bubbly syrup because of my bad taste…sorry.

Abilify never did anything for me except make me sleep, and put on 5 lbs…even though my pdoc said it couldn’t…haha.
He said the same thing about olanzapine back in 1996 when I refused to take it after 2 weeks because I put on 14lbs.
Both pdocs swore it wasn’t possible. Yeah, sure.

Geodon worked the best for me…until my prolactin level went sky high.
and they wonder why us sz’rs don’t always take our meds.