Voices, WE suspect you

today it was like hell
voices talking "you are not egyptian , we will ** you "it was not talk too much but mostly delusions and hallucination
delusion like someone in egyptian intelligence torture me or it may be national security of egypt
or it may be cia and even israel
i thought it is unbelievable torture for 8 years now
self talk like hell
insulting my country in my head
slept too much
walking involuntary too much in my flat as symptoms
it was very bad day
any advises are welcomed
any opinion is also welcomed

Tell the voices to ■■■■ and better meds :wink:


If your voices are like mine they don’t get intimidated. They just keep talking unless you take a decent med. Could it be damage to the brain that the MRI’s have detected in people like us or something more sinister? You decide.


Sounds basically like the exact thing I have been dealing with. Threatening voices in my head that I can’t shut off, I don’t know where this evil comes from since I have always been a nice, friendly person.

I started taking NAC & Theanine about 4 days ago and since then have not had a huge attack of persecution. I also have been reading online resources and forums which has helped convince me this is all in my head and therefore although they threaten me, they cannot actually hurt me since they are not real.

Tips I have learned are as follows: don’t engage them when they talk to you, distract yourself if need be. Use logic to discredit their existence such as “there is no way I am really telepathic or else I would be rich, since scientists would pay money to run tests on me because I would be the first person in history to be truly telepathic.” For the voices that threaten me I remind myself that I could sue them for torture and false allegations.

I try many such things but what helps the most is reading other people stories like yours, which although it sounds horrible, it helps because it reminds me that this is truly just in my head since other people have the exact same problem so even though it sucks I have this issue, at least they won’t kill me and/or put me in prison for something I didn’t do.

Be strong and try to be logical, easier said than done but this has helped me and so far I have not had to see a doctor for my psychosis. I have been dealing with this all on my own much to the dismay of my wife and family. Good luck and much love from a fellow persecutory delusion sufferer.


Don’t give these hallucinations power, don’t think and worry about what they say. They are simply stupid hallucinations.

Try to find a hobby, listen to the TV or the radio, they are real voices. If you are among real things and you give them importance, it will be easier to ignore and expose the false voices.


Consider clozaril, it is very good at stopping voices. You will need to exercise a lot on it though, you’ll gain weight otherwise.


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