Voices telling me

My voices keep telling me I’m a bluff. And laughing at me.

Sometimes they say I’m sz. “You can’t go there/do that because you’re sz.”

Anyone else experienced this?

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My voices like’s to say this one… “How can anyone like you… you SZ freak?” I fight that one.

My panic man will tell me where I can or cant go due to my Sz. “Oh No, Oh no, it looks busy. It will be bad to be in there. You’ll crumble in there, you’ll freak out in there, don’t go, danger, danger”

I have to ignore this one or I would never go anywhere. The panic man is just silly sometimes.

The weird one is when the panic man starts in… “Oh no, look at all the people around here…”
in reality there’s hardly anyone around. I do end up smiling, while thinking “funny, now my voices are hallucinating.”


One of my voices is pretty much like your panic man. He completely freaked out when I was flying home from Finland in october. I had 15 mg Diazepam and an angry “SHUT UP!” Got him calm again. I shouted shut up in my head, not out loud. I thought I have telepathic connection to the voices.

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My voices had some balls, and some razor sharp teeth. They were the most evil hateful ■■■■■. Two of them were at least, the other was 17-year-old me, the voice of reason. My voices were ruthlessly hateful towards me and constantly made fun of me and tried to get me to kill myself.

I advise really trying out different meds at different doses, I don’t like to hear about people suffering from voices, it reminds me of my suicide attempt which was fueled my the voices. Do your best to not listen to them, just remember that the voices are nothing more than a symptom of an illness, like a sore throat.

Just don’t ever do what your voices tell you to do. That often ends really badly. You sound like you have the upper hand, so keep it up. Voices are maybe the worst, but hallucinating people in public plotting to kill me or talking about me like they had been watching me was pretty disturbing too.

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When I was young and the onset was still recent and my mind wasn’t healing, my voices were trying to kill me. I couldn’t function really. All that was anger and darkness in my heart just went to my head and got spouted over and over.

But as I’ve gotten better, they have calmed down to barely nothing. They are there, but it’s all so tiny.

Even my worst one, my little girl is loosing her teeth. She’s no longer upsetting like she used to be. Still odd and makes me cringe, but no where near as sick and accusing.


my voices tell me to leave them alone. what irony. I did leave those persons alone. now their voices came back to haunt me. I feel like they wish me dead.


my voices all tell me that i’m telepathic all the time but i don’t believe them.

mine have been saying she does nothing, basically talk about what a loser i am recently ive been thinking dont listen to the voices its just critical parent.

My voices say that I’m saying racists things. I’m saying i am not leave me alone! The radio commentator this morning said I said the n word. It’s just my mind playing a record. Leave me alone and it will slowly go away.