Voices teaching me about the holy days

“Saturnalia. The dark solstice, it’s when the dark comes out to play.” They explained as i tried to focus on walking home. “It became a festival of epicly shitty proportions. It’s about taking the whole thing, not giving, it’s about taking. Look around your world, see all of that death and pain, one of the main causes of this is what this festival is about.”

“Yeah, what do you want me to do about it.” I wondered.

They continued ignoring me. "The darkest time of year this thing. It’s when the dark comes out to play. All year is taking and it culiminates into this “holy” thing. It’s an animal devouring, taking more and more and more, it can’t get enough and it will never get enough, it can’t be filled, it’s insatiable. What this “holy” day exhudes is what you see all year, pure unadulterated taking, all taking all of the time. Death death death, and pain pain pain all of it because of this.

And it’s “holy” to them. Taking is holy to them. It’s why almost everyone does without on your whole earth. And then as the dark approaches at the solstice it culminates into the ultimate shitty greedy fest of taking.

Christmas little guy, a lie, and what all of your holy days are about on earth is just a bunch of agony and death year round." They said.

Merry christmas.

They continue against my will, “When it’s about giving you won’t have any need for gifts, you’ll all already have what you needed and wanted. But for now it’s a literally dark time of year exhibiting very dark things that go on all year.”