The Season of Darkness


Winter, but not confined to December 21 - March 21…it actually starts in November usually…the month there are usually the first snows and bitter cold (This is for the northern hemisphere).

Lack of long daylight hours with long periods of darkness and cold.
Loss of the health benefits of the Suns natural vitamin D.

Begins right after Halloween which is when the spirits are believed to come out, mainly centered on evil spirits or festival of the dead…

Most plant life dies or sleeps during the time beginning around Halloween.

Some animals hibernate to escape the chilling dark season.

Freezing and ice burns (frostbite) and is comp-arable to fire which may be compared to the true fires of hell.

Biblically Satan resides in the ‘sides of the north.’

CS Lewis the Christian author portrayed the evil Ice witch as using winter as a weapon in the parallel world of Narnia.

JRR Tolkien portrayed Morgoth the dark lord as residing in the north.

Jack Frost is a demon.

Old Man Winter is Satan.

A painting of old man winter

In Winter we must seek warmth and light whenever we can. The Spring will come and the Sun shine to banish the darkness and cold of winter


It isn’t all bad. There are no mosquitoes. Snow can be fun to play in, and frozen ponds can be fun to walk on. You can spend cozy nights inside drinking cocoa. Winter starts off with Christmas. The super bowl is played in winter. You can go skiing. You can catch up on your reading.


I would propose a more nomadic lifestyle, like the birds, they are freaking geniuses aren’t they.

Just have to organize it thats all.

People who live in the desert would call you crazy wouldn’t they.


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True, but in other seasons they mainly bother you in the evening or in deep woods, and you can put stuff on to deter them.

Yes, but that gets old quick, and both snow and ice can be dangerous…roads are bad, and if the ice on a pond breaks and you fall in it’s bad…you also forgot ice fishing, but spring and summer fishing is better since in winter many fish go torpid.

True, but in summer you can drink slushies. You forgot cuddling, so in a relationship you might spend more close time in winter. But you can do just as well in summer.

No…it starts usually in November as far as the cold and first snows and ice. October is usually the month the Lesser demon Jack Frost first emerges from his lair, later replaced by the supreme lord of darkness, Old man Winter with his icicle teeth and freezing spells that lock the earth in a nearly lifeless state. Halloween is basically the intro to winter.
Christmas is nice but only for December. Because it celebrates Christs birth, that is why after Christmas in January and February the real bitter cold and blizzards start in earnest because Satan is mad that humans celebrated Christ, especially on a stolen holiday with pagan roots…

I don’t watch football.

temporary fun and expensive. Summer has swimming for free, and water skiing if you know the right people with a boat and skis.

You can also read outside in nature in summer, on the porch, in the woods, by a river or lake, … without cold hands.

Also winter requires much more work to get dressed and stay warm…layers of materials and cumbersome boots…wet socks and numb feet despite all the effort sometimes. Summer you can just throw on shorts, sandals and a top and you’re good…almost no effort.
heating & lighting costs are more in winter as well


farewell to the light that has left us it starts the new darknesslike a coffin that covers the mind seals in the matter of time where colors blend and have no meaning were simple things become more readingthe summer solstice has appeared the king is dying he would be near and who shall dare to take the throne once the warm has come and gone


The Satanic Kingdom



I like winter , cold crisp sunny days Re very refreshing