Voices Talking You Into something you know is wrong

Hi I was diagnosed with schizophrenia when I was 15. I didn’t believe I had it till I was 22 and my 6th doctor gave me the same diagnoses. It was still until recently that I felt comfortable telling people I had schizophrenia and wanted to know more about it. I’m now 28.

I feel my voices talk me into making bad decisions. I feel I have very little will power to stop it. And I was wondering if anybody has any tips about ignoring them, or making them less forceful. I’m on a good anti-psychotic which doesn’t leave me a zombie. But it doesn’t take away the voices just makes them more manageable if that makes sense, but sometimes they are still quite forceful and convincing.

Are there others that feel this way? and do you have any tips or suggestions?

Whether your voices say something good or bad just let it go. They are ultimately useless. Let them be like the wind.


My voices (back when I wasn’t on meds) were also very commanding. I heard them, I listened to them, but I didn’t act on them.

In fact, I got very rebellious with the voices, like oh you want me to do that well too bad I am going to do the opposite (sometimes it was as simple a command as “stare at that man he’s blah blah blah” and then I would just stare out the window, defiantly).

Don’t act on them, for goodness sake, you’re still a human in society, we still have obligations to the greater community…don’t do something you know is wrong.

I had a mother who taught me right from wrong so basically, if something would upset my mother I don’t do it, especially if the voices say to. The voices are the enemy and why would I give in to the enemy?
EDIT: best wishes, I’ve been here. It’s hard, but you can learn to veto the voices


There’s a good exercise, that can help you maybe… It’s a mindfulness meditation, the mind is the sky and your thoughts are clouds that are passing and dissipating.

When the voices tell you something, you take a break and do this and let it pass.

Might control the urges to act on it and pass.


i been deal with the voice in my head for 5 years.lots experience
in the beginning i followed.allvwrong things.and bad result .i have fight with my step father.until i moved out.i found a good way to deal with those voice
u stay at home.don’t go out.don’t see anyone.be alone for a year.the voices will gone.but tell ur parents u wanna be alone and study
those voice r people who around u .if u follow.one day u will find its my sis my mom my bro.who is confused with me.also sb will play tricks.be4 u found out.he or she will cheat on u.not let u find ou.those r aliens(people not nice )

Not really, most of the time they dont tell me to do things. infact they prevent me from doing things, like sports or going out. But i know what is right myself. They do, however, give me sort of fantasy scenarios, which are not that awful, but in the end it remains fantasy, as nothing can be done to change peoples reaction to your personhood, or the circumstances are not fullfiled, as to be able to do the things they make you dream about. An example would be that they promised me i would win a nice sum in the lottery. I spent first time 35€ for 1 ticket, 2,50 winning sum. then i spent 75€ for a lottery ticket and won 64. Then i spent 150 bucks and won 15. They didnt promise me any specific sums the first 2 times, just that i would win something. then the last time i played they promised me a sum of first 300.000€, then of 3 million after a while. Yeah, keep dreaming.

What kind of things do these voices tell you to do?

it doesn’t matter what kind of voices i heard .in the beginning i followed it.now i live in a sharing house.no sounds in mind after 2month i been along.
but after a while i found out its got to do with WW2.those voice normally r all kinds language,combined together.but u don’t have talent to learn 5 or 7to break the curse
even the dreams r languages.if u can break it.but it difficult.those r technologies.like pyramid

if u didn’t take meds.little by little u will found time is backwards.if u take meds.that means its ur transformer.its normal

My voices tell me to do crap all the time. When ever I’ve listened to them, I’ve ended up in big trouble. Once they told me to jump on to an on coming car because I would fly off of it and I did. You can imagine how that went…

For me, I basically have to tell myself that what they are saying is stupid and illogical. Also, I end up visualizing how abiding to their commands will harm my future goals and relationships. Idk, it is hard but in the end, they are not looking out for your best interests. I also listen to a ton of music to ignore them… Well, I wish you the best of luck, mate.

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get angry make them your enermy, gives power cause everytime ignore you win x

Getting angry at them never helped for me.
They would just say “oh good were glad you don’t like us all the more to attack you, and your giving us your attention” blah blah blah on it goes.
For me it’s best to acknowledge it and then let it go.

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You still have the choice/power. I am often told to hurt myself. If I get upset, I get an increasingly intense rapid-fire series of commands to hurt myself in various ways. I used to follow the commands almost every time. Getting upset and arguing makes it worse for me. When I calmly wait it out, the attack ends.