Voices take over


Yes - you are not alone with this at all, there’s lots of us having this, icluding myself. The best thing you can do is to top your voices. Remember, that we are allies here.


How to top them? They say that my penis smells like jackhammer all day long. They make me say it out loud all day long


You should think that your penis smells like that for a reason then.


There’s no reason. It’s the theater of the absurd. Nothing makes sense


I’m sure you know you are a valuable human being and you are our partner/friend/ - fellow Homo Sapiens and can unite yourself with your brothers/sisters/pets


I feel as if possessed. They make me say and do silly things. Oh my God


I called pdoc. He increased my zyprexa to 60mg, so now i take all 60: 60mg abilify and 60mg haldol


Yes I get this sometimes too. Alien does this to me too. He looks thru my eyes and on rare occasions walks with my feet. It’s maddening when he steals my brain. It’s hard enough with his voice or thoughts being in my head but when he tries to steal my brain i feel like I want to drill a hole in my skull so he can get out.


Man I had this too! As far as being told to say things out loud which were sometimes inappropriate. Years ago I would say them, now I just don’t. Eventually the command goes away. I just resist any commands to say something out loud with willpower. I would hope you could do the same, but I’m not sure how strong the command is for you.

Sorry you are going through a hard time :frowning: I hope things get better.


Thanks dude. 15151515


I really hope you feel better @Om_Sadasiva. Is there really no way to fight it or ride it out?


Thanks @Sunlion. I feel possessed. Pdoc increased my dose and I don’t hear them a lot today but I’m still saying stupid things. What can I do?


Zgergega kryopalouk gloko, my dick smells like jackhammer, in the time of schizophreniag, I am schizophrenicg, what a nice dayg,


Do you have OCD as well? Some of this appearing like ocd.


No I don’t. What sounds like OCD? They make me talk gibberish. It’s a disorganized symptom


I suppose you are right. Ending everything in a g seemed like an OCD thing to me.


Or an “m” and being silly. Omg


Were you feeling or thinking anything different before this started? Something that could have triggered you?


No, nothing. Meds stop working after a month or something. I always increase doses. I am treatment resistant, I guess


Duane says he sleeps late.