Voices take over


Duane who? 1515151


Duane is one of my voices.


Does he bother you?


Sometimes. He doesn’t tell me to hurt anyone or myself. He likes his beer though.


Does he ever control you?


Nope. Duane doesn’t but other voices try to control me. They try to make me out to be something I’m not. They take in what people call me and tortures me with it.


Do you still hear voices?


I hear them everyday.


Me too. We are not so lucky as others who live without symptoms for years and with the same dose. I always increase doses above the maximum dose until it doesn’t work anymore


Despite medication?


60mg zyprexa for treatment resistant patients.


Alogistos (thoughtless in greek) is hebephrenic/disorganized schizophrenic (voice) that possesses me and makes me say silly things repeatedly


I suspect the moustache of captain beefheart makes me dizzy. I feel pressure in my head. It contacts my moustache


Pretty much every day. Not all day. Pdoc raised my latuda to 80mg. Haldol oneg during day. I drink caffeine again so yeah they’re gonna be around


Mine flares up around my monthly cycle but I’m coming into menopause now


Hi @Om_Sadasiva, you are in very high doze of medicine. If you will not reply to comment of your posts then it is good for your health. Better you leave this forum for some months and live in care of your family.


Yes my friend aku. I am a little unstable. But why should i leave the forum?


It is your choice I think. But mind really change its patterns after use of olanzapine. It is not happening to you.


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