Voices say We are real

Dont act you r mentally ill
You know we are real
They also torture to prove they real
They r forcing delusions to form


Crocodile says “hop in my mouth! I don’t bite”

That’s about how reliable the voices are.

For me it helps to take my meds and ignore them. Sorry they are tormenting you like that, I hope you can find meds that help.


It’s just noise from a malfunctioning brain. Try to ignore it if you can.

Ask them to walk around in front of you and wave their hand. They can’t, because they don’t exist. If you don’t have a body, you’re not real.


Yeah my voices have done this in the form of coincidents torture moving stars on me or the moon moving crowds of people or pretty much any thing like geting theatrical with visions and feelings to prove that they are god but I dont belive them

Sometimes I think the voices are too smart to not be real.


yeah my voices said they were real and i wasnt hallucinating at all i thought i was a psychic of some sort becuase of that.


One voice earlier told me to ignore people. Don’t worry.

I get these friendly voices now and then. Weird.

I am so infuriated by my rich “fake family”. They call me cray crazy and then make money off of my gift. They boycott my business and call me delusional non- stop. Of course the voices are part of a spiritual gift! :latin_cross:

Probably ghosts!! Haha

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