Are you sure the voices aren't real?

Sometimes they say things and then it happens is it just a coincidence?

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They aren’t real.
Try to ignore them the best you can.


Why is it what they say sometimes happens?

Just a coincidence
Ignore the voices


It might be something the voices have drawn you to be more aware of, and then you’re on the lookout for it to happen. And then if it does - it seems like a massive deal. But coincidences do happen.

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I was 90% convinced the voices were real but a small part of me thought this can’t possibly be real. Once I went on meds the voices went away completely.


The voices aren’t real, your ability to observe and for your brain to trick you into thinking the voices took the credit, is whats happening.

You are making guesses and assumptions about what can or cannot happen. The voices are doing similar, and then your delusion is attributing validity through these probably inane guesses.

This is all me talking out my butt, but the truth is, thats what I think is happening.

Some of that might actually fit to your situation, but thats just my guess at it. Please don’t suffer because your voices are saying unpleasant things or distracting you because you think what they have to say has any value whatso ever.


My cell phone talks to me and it feels very real. The only medication that made the voices go away completely was risperidone. I didn’t like risperidone for a few reasons though.


For a little while my laptop spoke to me. That was weird. Then my meds were set straight(er).

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Occasionally a coincidence. More often your sick mind feeding you false data to confirm delusional thinking. Seems real when you’re in the middle of it. When you finally get leveled out on meds and have full insight you’ll look back and be like:


It’s kind of embarrassing when you realize all of the things the illness had you taking seriously.



The TV spoke to me, That stopped once I was on meds

You’re lucky. I still believe people will kidnap me and take me to North Korea to become dictator. No meds are stopping this. I don’t know what to do. This occupies my thoughts all day.


Hmm. . .

I Am Sure…, That They Are Real…, WHY?.., I Heard Them…, Hear Them…,

And Will Hear Them Again. :pensive:

(By) (The) (Way)

It’s Really Cold In My Apartment.

I know what it is like to have a delusion you can’t shake, I hope you find a med that helps.

No medication is helping. I feel so screwed.

Yes my voices are real entities

When I’m more Ill, I believe the voices are real people. When I’m better, I’m convinced the voices are produced by my own brain. Currently I’m going through a good phase, so it’s just my brain talking to itself.

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I think they can be if I want them to…


I don’t want them to…

Be real.

I think they are a warning of an evil alternate reality that I could be sucked into.

I say warning


That it’s not gonna happen.


This song helps to explain my point

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I know the voices are a symptom of my illness and I know they are not real. Sometimes I think they could be real although I try not to give it much thought. It’s part of living with schizophrenia I guess.

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