Question about these voices

I personally know so many other people who suffer from Sz as I do and yet I’ve never once asked anyone this question.

When you say you hear voices do you mean that you can literally hear them in your head as in they actually make a sound?

Because I’ve never experienced this and yet I call what I experience “voices” for lack of a better term as they are that…voices. But what I “hear” doesn’t make a sound, I can still distinguish between these “voices” by the tone of their voice somehow but it isn’t as if someone is literally talking in my head. It’s more like I’m experiencing “people” thinking thoughts in my head. Like when one thinks to themselves their thoughts can be “heard” yet do not really make a sound.

But most everything else I can relate to other than being commanded to do things like kill myself or whatever, I don’t get that kind of stuff. Yes it can often be critical of me but so far it hasn’t wanted me to die or harm others.

So when you say you “hear voices” are you hearing these things audibly inside you’re head?

I do hear things “audibly inside my head” but less frequently than I experience the “people thinking thoughts inside my head”.

In addition to the above I also sometimes experience full visual hallucinations of people or humanoid things that talk and interact with me.

i can hear them as actual sound, yet sometimes it is a bit muffeld like as if there is an thin layer between it.
it is sometimes not as clear as you would hear regular voices.
and in times they will just pop into my head, like bypassing my eardrum

its not my thoughts, because i can describe a character too it.
like an 50 year old male with reactions, that has different reactions as opposed too my “ego”

You’re post describes pretty well how i feel about the “voices” just barely audible but it seems as though it’s just a flowing river of consciousness, interestingly enough my dream of the night is usually alot better if i can hear a female “muffled female voice” before sleep. I usually don’t encounter male voices unless the television is on.

I hear them as actual sounds, I used to be say somewhere and it was like a group of people in the room, I would try to catch them as I couldn’t see them but I thought if I turned my bak long enough and turn quick enough; they’d be there in physical form. I only know people with schiz through here so this is my only knowledge of what others experience.

This is just me, but when I was in my onset, I did hear voices as loud and clear as some one talking to me. But the thing was… it was too many.
Think of a theater or street crowd when everyone is talking and you can’t really make out any one conversation but you do hear human voice… and every once in a while something would stand out and grab your attention. That was how it was for me.

That was when I was thinking I was developing sonic hearing. I was sure I was hearing what the neighborhood was saying.

The more I focused on something, the more my head would repeat it and make it louder. Eventually I got some coping help and learned how to just ignore it and let it pass. The more I did that, the more they faded. Plus, the more negativity I get out of my life, the more I like myself, the less mean the voices become.

The one that used to make me so sad was the recurring voice saying again and again, "No one loves you, You should die because no one loves you… " Well, I KNOW that is not true. I know I have family who does love me. I know I have people on my side. So I just let that one pass and it goes away. I haven’t heard it for a long time.

But the thing is, if I ever focus on the voices, they do come back. But I don’t let them get me upset as much as I used to. Somedays I’m not having a good day and I do have a glitch. But most of the time, I can just let them pass and keep going with my day.

I heard them audibly. As if I were in Grand Central Station, so many voices at once. None of them nice.
I would hear them constantly. Sometimes it was as if I had to talk over them. Lately I have heard nothing. I told my honey how weird it is. … before I was afraid of the noise… now I am afraid of the silence.
On occasion they pop in to say something fun, or I will hear music playing. Definitely a lot better with that now.

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I used to hear them as if someone was standing next to me speaking. I usually don’t hear them outside of my head anymore. It’s very rare.

When I hear voices they are distinct sounds in my head. Not like my own thought but a distinct voice. Sometimes they will talk and move around in my head and I see them walk past me. I think the main characteristic of hearing them is that I don’t control what they’re going to say. When the demon would communicate with me I couldn’t hear him but I knew exactly what he was saying. It was like telepathy. Sometimes he would scream at me and although I couldn’t hear what he was saying, I would see him and feel his anger. My old pdoc said this was a hallucination. :sunny:

Omg Sonic hearing. That’s what I was thinking too. I was outside the city and I pulled over my car for a break and I can hear people talking but I can’t see anyone around. I could see in all directions all the way to the horizon. It was really freaky. If they are people where the hell are they?

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i only hear voices inside my head…basic persecution complex…used to believe in telepathy but not anymore. i have heard the whole of town before on two separate occasions but it quickly faded when i stopped believing it was true telepathy. now all i’m left with r famous people and soldiers from my past. u do get used to it after a while so it’s not so bad. annoying yes, but not so bad.