Voices of Schizophrenia - Psychosis simulated (TRIGGER WARNING)


Yeah just happened to me the other day.

“Jump in front of that truck.” They said.

I thought maybe that wasn’t the best way to die.

They then explained that if i caught my head just right i wouldn’t feel a thing, it’s no big deal.

This used to happen to me whenever there was an easy opportunity, until they upped my dose in seroquel to what it is now. Thanks for the reply, pansdisease, I hope this wasn’t triggering.

My voices tell me to hang myself. With the dog collar. “Look there’s a perfect tree”. But I won’t. If I let the dog loose he will run away. That’s a good thing because it makes it easier to resist the voices.

Hey, Comatose, could you personal message me other coping techniques by any chance?

And I love dogs. What kind do you have? :slight_smile:

I have to think about what they are. My brain feels slow. Hard to think. But I can try to remember what I do to resist voices.

Cross breed. Looks like a German sheppard. Very nice but stubborn. 8 years old. If he doesn’t want to go out you can’t make him.

I renamed this as just trigger warning may not give people enough heads up that this is a simulation of hearing voices.

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I used to have a coyote-husky hybrid that was the same way… except my god he was stubborn about coming inside. I think it was the coyote in him.

Besides medication, I come here for some relief or turn the bathroom fan on and let my mind create music.

Thank you BarbieBF. I am sorry. I really don’t want to upset anyone here as I already piss off the people in my life. Does anyone want it to be taken down?

No. Let it be up. It can show family members how it is. I could not listen more than a few seconds. Anxiety blew up in the sky.

No I don’t think it needs to be removed. Similar has been posted in other sections. Sometimes just a simple rephrasing of the title can help others be more aware of what the post contains. You did nothing wrong :smile: