Schizophrenia Voice Simulator - Possible Trigger


I saw this on the news last night, wanted to share - Warning could be Triggering

Anderson Cooper tries a schizophrenia simulator

I guess I can multitask when I had them 24/7 for 7 days…
It wasn’t like that though…the simulation almost sounds like a mother scolding her kids…and to me it doesn’t seem that directed at him…almost like something he his picking up telepathically from someone else.
He also doesn’t interact with them…of course it’s a simulation so they cannot interact back…


This is a very good start for people to at least see a bit of the difficulty of doing simple task while the head circus is amping up.


To further the simulation have the voices shock and burn the person while “someone” appears visually, because that happened to me twice.

I mean when your hallucinations begin physically harming you it’s hard to buy a paper or do origami. Perhaps i was hallucinating the pain though from these things, and maybe i was hallucinating the two marks left on my hand from the burning sensation that i was hallucinating while a face made of light appeared.

You could also have the voices tell mr. cooper who will win the superbowl two seperate occasions, and tell him where things in the store are when you don’t know.


Yeah I think it gives them a basic idea as to what it would be like to a certain degree - its good for the masses, for them to try to empathize with some of us who hear constant voices. It isnt perfect, but it is at least something


@Wave… exactly. 5 years ago, this didn’t exist on ANY level.

I know some people who would dismiss this easily saying… It’s not accurate enough, it’s not good enough.

But we all crawl before we run.


This is true J - it is progress, and thats a good thing


If faced with that incessant aural stimuli i would find it hard to concentrate/focus on anything.


According to Black Sabbath, it’s a bit different…LOL

From Children of the Sea

“We sailed across the air before we learned to fly
We thought that it could never end
We’d glide above the ground before we learned to run, run
Now it seems our world has come undone”


Thanks so much for sharing this! I think its a good tool for family and friends of someone who’s suffering with auditory hallucinations.

I forwarded it to my well-meaning but unempathetic friend who doesn’t truly understand why schizophrenia is so disabling.




add seeing hell below your feet, demons, things flying at you , bugs, aliens…etc…etc…and much more negative voices and louder…then that is a good example.
thanks for posting it was interesting.
take care


Thanks for posting this. I love Anderson Cooper. He’s so understanding, and never judgmental. It’s good that he did this–to help people understand rather than condemn and judge.


I’m glad that this has been thought up and is being put to use. I saw and heard enough from that man to know he has a different view of what it means to be a person with sz. He experienced the inability to focus, the difficulty with memory, the fight of not responding to something you know isn’t real, the difficulty interacting with others and walking down the street.

Obviously the experiment doesn’t give the full picture of what it’s like to be sz, but it’s a success in my eyes.


Here’s an NPR radio interview: