Voices giving advices

I have had this sometimes. For example, back in 2002 when I arrived at Helsinki after my 13-year world journey, I heard this female voice telling me not to drink alcohol, basically she said my name and the words ‘do not drink alcohol’ One of the biggest mistakes people do when they come to Finland is to drink alcohol. Sometimes voices can provide good advices.

I’ve also had some voices give me helpful advice and life saving direction. Sometimes they are the worst and sometimes they save my life.

I still couldn’t have logical sense about inner speech.
They came from nowhere. Maybe we should just experience it without knowing the truth. After all, we are not the creator of our own body and complex brain. We just use it to create man-made things.

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Michelle sometimes tells me to save cheese bits to use on lasanga. She doesn’t want to throw food away. She also warns me from going to some places in the dark. Like the lake.

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