The advisors came back today

my advising voices chimed in today. its been a few months since ive heard anything.

when i was browsing vehicles online to see if i should get a new one or an old one for work.

I get this weird feeling in my head when it happens then my ears start ringing. and then they are there.

“why would you waste your money on a ‘new’ vehicle , just get a piece of ■■■■ work truck , quit trying to impress girls or whoever you think you will impress. we’ve been quiet but we decided enoughs enough and we needed you to know that. so dont be an idiot, save your money , get a cheap truck.”

this usually happens when im stressed about decision making.

im pretty used to it though so i know to just let it all go. although it can be really tricky to make decisions that I believe i have made without listening to their opinion

just thought id share

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Basically when my voices come back they try to take form of anything to try and get me to listen to them.

There currently trying the alien tactic saying that I have no idea how much power they could give me through there power injection. Then they say I will receive it regardless if I want it or not.

It’s so annoying.

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my voices do impressions aswell. not of aliens though. just of people. it’s quite funny actually they try and state that they had my thoughts before i did but it’s total crap. i always think it first then they chime in and say that they thought it first, like they are in control or something. it’s quite amusing really. if you think about them being your own thoughts about the car or truck, all you’re doing is advising yourself after you’ve thought about it so nothing to worry about. as for the alien communicae, i wouldn’t worry about it too much as it’s just your mind in another guise be it alien, person, demon, whatever. try not to let it annoy you. it doesn’t annoy me anymore. i find it quite amusing that my own voices can’t keep up with my train of thought and have to try and prove themselves all the time. in fact don’t even talk to them if you can. give them no ammunition whatsoever. sometimes it’s difficult not to answer back as i like a good ruck and i think that’s where half my problem lies. if i don’t talk to them they tend to get mad and try anything to get my attention and get me into a verbal (albeit in my mind) sparring match. honestly they are not the most intelligent beings (personalities) i’ve come across. stephen hawking’s voice can’t even do division. try not to let it bother you. i don’t. x

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Jeez, really quick with the power injection huh?

What about taking you out to dinner first? You guys hardly know eachother.


Unfortunately I know them all too well lol