Voices came back, lucky me

I was symptom free. No delusions, no hallucinations, no voices. It was about 20 days like this. Sat down and started to think hard about the things that happened during the time I was schizophrenic, and was glad it was finally over. Just my luck, within minutes after thinking that, the voice came back. Now I’m back to my delusions fearing I am going to burn in hell forever. Just wonderful, jdglkdherododjtjgpejjc ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■

It sounds like that triggered something. I know it takes a lot of hard work and strength, but if you can remember what you did to make those voices go away for 20 days, besides the cruise, maybe you can do it again.

Or talk to someone to learn some new coping tools so you can learn to ignore the voices. For me, when I concentrate on my lack of voices, they pipe up. Sometimes my head it too quite so if I focus on the voices, they get louder, if I ignore them long enough, they become muted whispers behind a door.

its true. I find when I think: 'Oh, there are no voices, they come back, and if I concentrate on them they get worse. Best to find ways to ignore them.

DONT LOOK BACK. IM SERIOUS. Ok, so I am still in remission/recovered with meds. When I look back, I sometimes hear a voice or a delusion crosses my mind for a second. I learned to only look back when I feel rational, scientific and healthy, then I can look back on my experiences. If I go into my past without the right mind set, I feel like I am going to lose it and get flashbacks or a couple voices for half a minute.

You need a therapist to help you with the trauma, they can show you how to stay healthy and how to accept your past. Mine is pretty f-ing ugly. I was too paranoid to associate with humans. I just got drunk, chain smoked, cut lots of class, worked out angrily and didnt sleep much. I heard voices all day, three voices, every second, at a decently obnoxious and vivid volume, and my thoughts were 75% delusions, 25% honors neuroscience classes.

I hate my past, I see an oustanding shrink once every 2 weeks to stay on top of myself and not slip from the height I have climbed to since a year ago.

i am sorry they came back, but they may go again you never know, hang in there.
take care

amuse yourself with sth strong for mind to divert you thoughts.

Ignore Mortimer mouse he’s apart of the pro med ■■■■■■■ group. Bet he doesn’t take meds and bet he doesn’t feel them other feelings

I need more control over my illness I wish I could turn it up and down myself manually