Vitamin K for schizophrenia?

Hi everyone, has anyone here tried vitamin K for schizophrenia? I have a bottle on the way in the mail, I have never tried it before, it is supposed to help. Once it comes and I try it I will let you know if it works.


There are quite a few kinds of vitamin K. I have taken 2 different forms of vitamin K2 for bone health. Neither K1 nor either form of K2 had any psychological effect on me.

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What @robertc says. Vitamin K2 helps with calcium transport. Vitamin K3 plays role in blood clotting.
Have never heard how any Vitamin K can help with schizophrenia.


Just took some K2 yesterday and again today, I felt really good and no side effects! It was a pleasant feeling!

I had a girlfriend she was gorgeous i nicknamed her special k and well i have never ever consumed any vitamin k but if i went back in time vitamin k wouls be a good name for her. Well i think she eventually started hating my guts and well thats not good and its confusing honestly. I was secretly in love with her best friend and well her best friend and me became accidental enemies it was all a misunderstanding and well yea whatever its the past but it was strange and confusing.