Vitamin B12, Vitamin D

Hi just got my blood results and I have very low vitamin B12. Doc prescribed injection for that. Vitamin D low too, drink a little bottle every month for that prescribed. Thyroid function low so he increased my eltroxin. Three month blood sugars test high, if high again in three months, I’ll be diagnosed with diabetes.

Maybe my mood was very low due to vitamin B12 and vitamin D. My psychiatrist told me vitamin B12 very important for mood, so the injection will give me a good boost I imagine.

I’m finding my head cleared a bit, the woozy foggy feeling perhaps due to the combination of the blood pressure tablet and the zyprexa. That’s a major improvement for me because I couldn’t do anything at all with that awful dizziness in my head.

The zyprexa could be starting to work now because I hung out washing today, a thing I found so difficult. Doing the washing and folding the clothes was very difficult for me as is everything really, trying to wash a cup was so difficult even. I think I’m getting a bit more motivation thank god. Long may it last:)

Have to watch my diet and exercise now what with if I am developing Diabetes. Have three months to do my best on those.

Any of you get vitamin B12 injection. Did it help give you energy and good mood?



Vit b12 is vital.

I take the injections and they help alot !

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I’m glad you’re improving :sunny:

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Thank you, it’s great to hear they help a lot!

Thanks, I appreciate that. Long may it last:)

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I had an injection of B12 years back and I took supplements of it as well.

Really good for the nerves.

Dont take it anymore. My dad swears by it.

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Hi thanks, really glad to hear that. Hopefully I’ll be a new woman once I get the injection:)

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Great you are feeling better.
I once had an injection of Vitamin B, but it was because I was drinking too much in that period.
I have hypothyroidism too and take a max dose of eltroxin.
I feel more stable now after I have been taking 2.5 mg zyprexa.

Good luck with the exercise and diet

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Never had a injection, but I am aware to get it. I take a b-complex every other day or so and I try to eat unprocessed meats a few times a week for a good natural source.

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Hi I had hyperthyroidism, they removed my thyroid gland so now am hypothyroidism. Take 175mcg eltroxin that’s not such a high dose, I dont know. Was taking 150 five days a week and the other two days 175. Now it’s at 175 daily.

Looks like from my prescription for vitamin B12 that I will have injection every three months. That’ll help I’m sure with the fatigue and concentration:)

Hi my diet not the best, have to tailor what I eat to help my vitamin levels. Will have injection soon, and every three months thereafter. Should feel a bit better after the injection. I’ve read it helps with nerves and fatigue plus concentration so I could definitely do with help in those areas.

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Glad you are doing alright @Butterfly13
Hang in there.

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Thank you Wave, so nice of you to wish me luck:)

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There’s lots of preworkout supplements but I take Cellucor C4 preworkout multiple times a day. It has cafeen but also a lot of b vitamins. I also take around 4K IU vitamin D. If your looking for an energy boost with some vitamins the preworkout could be a good choice and in the 60 dose container it’s about 50c/ serving which is cheaper than soda.

Another thing to look into is dextrose. Sometimes I’ll throw a scoop of dextrose in the mix for extra energy. I’m not sure if that’s good for diabetes, prob not, but i figured I’d share

Thanks for that, will definitely try. I hope not to develop diabetes on top of everything else! Have to exercise more and watch what I’m eating too!

Pink lemonade flavor is my fav

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Sounds good to me:)

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