The benefits of b12

My man suggested it for raising energy and mood

I’m liking it

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I take vitamin b complex, as there was some research that it can help sz… Although those studies have never been replicated fully…


I have a friend who gets injections

Not sure efficacy of supplements

If your deficient then they do that.

I never hear back from my blood work

I guess that means no news is good news

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I can call the surgery for my results and if there is a problem like high hdl they call me in to get them off my GP


I went in Jan

To er

They did blood

I wanted to know why I had sores on my leg and back

They asked everyone
Me why do you have sores on your leg and back

Like I did it myself!

Nutritional Yeast and suppliments are how I get mine.
I don’t think I’ve ever been deficient.

According to my genotypes I am likely to have

Gene Your results Effects
NBPF3 CC Lower levels of B6

Gene Your results Effects
FUT2 AA Higher levels of B12

Gene Your results Effects
(rs1801133) GG Normal MTHFR enzyme activity; leads to normal homocysteine levels
(rs1801131) CC 30% reduction in MTHFR enzyme activity; Likely higher homocysteine levels
MTR AA Very low MTR activity; could lead to higher homocysteine levels
MTRR GG Significantly decreased MTRR enzyme activity; could lead to increased homocysteine levels
Your Folate metabolism genetic score : 2 /8

Yeah good call I wanna know too

Thanks @firemonkey


I think you’d like

White teeth

By zadie smith

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I take a B complex tablet in the morning with breakfast. I think it helps me.

I know some people who have B12 injections though.

I’m glad it’s working for you @Daze!

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Seems to be honey but my doc never said to take it

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Hmm…can’t say I’m too interested in a story that involves cheating on a spouse. Kinda can’t stomach atrocious indecencies. Nevertheless it seems intriguing as a novel due to the many characters intertwined story plot developments. Though, I’m not much of a fan of stereotypical personas. Thanks for the suggestion, sweetheart. <3

All the B group are good for mental health. Chuck in some omega-3 and notice the different also.


I sometimes put down a pulitzer prize book that uses the R word 3 times in the first 50 pages

Other than that I accept life


A large percentage of vitamin B12 is lost in absorption. A good way to avoid this is to buy tubes of liquid B12 and administer through a nostril.

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Maybe a suppositorie?

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Thanks, I needed to laugh (maybe it works better).

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