Visual scars

just found out some people instantly judge you by your scar, thug comes to the mind ive been told.

because ive a 12 inch visual scar on my neck and a inch scar under my eye.

is it true a visual scar can lead people to think your a scumbag?

I wear them proudly ■■■■ their judgement. It means you have a story and life had a go at you and you lived to wear that badge. Its an honor to have them no matter how you got them.

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thats true too…@flame… on the other side of the coin i was called Rambo before

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Why are the people who are quickest to judge others, are usually the least qualified, and the most vocal about it?

But then again, there is a lot of truth to the saying…“If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, then it must be a duck.”

So if your behavior is all others have to prove, or disprove anything they believe about you,
then it’s important to show the behaviors you want others to believe you are.

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Who cares what they think. Some people are just to judgmental

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I do.
Not only for the fact that you never know who knows who,be it by friendship, relationship or both, people connect to many others,
sometimes the most important person doesn’t reveal themselves as such, then it’s too late to make a second impression greater than the first.

Behave like your character depends on it, because it does. What people see, is what they believe.

Reputation on the other hand, changes according to what people think, and unfortunately, as often as their mood.

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