Visual imagination questionnaires

Aphantasia questionnaire for those with poor visual imagination
Hyperphantasia questionnaire for those with very good visual imagination

Need to do either aphantasia or hyperphantasia questionnaire and then do vividness of visual imagery questionnaire


My mental imagery can be very powerful to the point where if I am very tired I can actually physically see the things I’m thinking about if I close my eyes, like some sort of hallucination.

When I was in very poor mental health I would get these “visions” which I believe is like intrusive imagery or some weird kind of dissociation in which I’d be sucked into these intense mental scenes and get bad headaches if I tried to focus on reality instead.

"Visual imagination"
i like visual imagination

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I have a pretty strong visual imagination as well. I can also imagine sounds, textures, tastes and smells. I’ve had hallucinations in all five spheres.

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Another survey about individual differences in mental imagery