Vistaril for Anxiety

My new pdoc has said she won’t continue my clonazepam prescription because she doesn’t prescribe benzos, period, because they are addictive and can be abused. So when my current prescription runs out in October she’s going to switch me to Vistaril for anxiety. She says that’s what they give in the hospitals now. My concern is how sedating Vistaril can be and if it really works for anxiety? Anyone here on Vistaril for anxiety?

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That is 80% of the reason I came off benzos. The fear that I could be expected to give them up cold turkey if I got a new doctor.

I came off them on my own timetable which took months and months of tapering off them. You’ve got until october to taper yourself off them so start now. Quitting them cold turkey can be unpleasant in the extreme.

I use a high dose of L-theanine now as a benzo substitute.

I have tried vistaril for anxiety. It’s basicly an allergy med which makes you slightly drowsy and sort of “takes the edge off” of your anxiety. I only rarely use it but it seems to work OK for me.

I have some. It’s extremely fast acting but it will also make you sleepy. It’s good for occasional use. Not the sort of thing to take daily if you can help it.

I didn’t notice any difference in anxiety nor did I get sleepy. It’s benadryl’s cousin, so might as well be taking Benadryl. I take it everyday for allergies anyway