Visions of Other Dimensions

I can’t find anything to define what I experienced before I went onto meds and I was interested if anyone else could relate. I would have what I call visions that were were within my body and outside at the same time. It was like I would be looking into another dimension that permeated myself and my surroundings. I would see things like doorways, demons and Hindu statues that I was aware was within my minds eye but felt as though they existed outside of reality also. Once I was put onto an anti-psychotic the visions stopped.

Does anyone identify with what I experienced or know what it is called? From what I have read about visual hallucinations I just don’t think it applies to what I experienced and it’s been bothering me ever since it happened.

Thanks. Speaking of Jesus I had a vision of him crucified within me which really disturbed me at the time. About half a year later I was depressed and called out to Jesus and felt his presence in my lounge room. He said inside my throat “I have you now, we’re going to do this my way”. I felt a burden lift from my shoulders. Soon after I went to a church for the first time. I had a vision of transparent hands holding me as a just bathed baby and then another vision of the top of my head with a crucifix casting a shadow over it. I felt oil running down my forehead. I have felt other things since like the Holy Spirit burning inside of me, my eyes on fire and my hands burning. I had to increase my meds again because I could see within my head that a storm was approaching. The pdoc wouldn’t believe me about Jesus but I know it’s true.


Hi @Ferret ! What meds are you on?


I’m on Latuda 80mg, increasing to 120mg. Also on Lexapro 20mg and temporarily 5 mg Olanzapine.

There’s a theory that Schizophrenia is the waking world experienced through the dreaming regions of the brain, which seems to make sense.


Hoping not to trigger myself too much, but I definitely can relate- especially with Hinduism. I’ve always felt I was lodged between realms and my dreams were almost a doorway sometimes. I “dreamt” of exchanging my human qualities to replace my own head with an elephant’s, and have been…”close”…with Ganesha ever since.
Bittersweet the way meds can take those experiences away…


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