Violent car accident when I was 16

A sand truck crossed the highway in from of me and I slammed into it, unable to stop or veer off the road. He didn’t see me coming. I never vented about it.

I flipped my car and totaled it when I was 16. Don’t remember any of it. Concussion and a broken jaw.

I hope you were okay.

My dad was in an accident as a teen and split his head open. He’s got a scar on his forehead but he’s fine.

I was too cool. Small gash on my knee, a bruise on my lip and upset and told not to be upset. So I suppressed the upset. It totaled the car. The truck didn’t have a scratch on it. The officer commented that he’d taken dead people out of cars less wrecked than mine. I remained unimpressed.

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Thats a miracle.

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I’ve been in so many serious andnot so serious car accidents, usually my fault, that I can’t even count them all or recall them. In 2015 alone I had a total of five car accidents that year plus an arrest for bad driving and two traffic citations. That’s when I said enough. I don’t drive anymore.

You are wise to realize that driving is something you just can’t do.

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