Fender benders and wrecks

I got rear ended today, long story.

I once (accidentally, of course) t boned another car right in front of the police station.

They don’t really phase me.

What about you guys? Have you been in accidents and did they freak you out?

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I typically go into a state of shock whenever getting into any kind of automobile accident. I’ve had a few fender benders and rear ended someone because my car slid in rainy weather one.

Yeah. I have. It did freak me out.

Got t-boned pretty good when I was 17. My head went through the side window and glass went into my face. I had to get 2 bits removed by a plastic surgeon. I actually kept the glass there for a year cuz you couldn’t really see it too much but decided to get rid of it.

That sounds very traumatic! :frowning: Did you have any PTSD issues driving/riding in automobiles after going through that?

Surprisingly I didn’t, I was the passenger.
Yeah that wasn’t so fun. The insurance company gave me like 13 grand right away. I was young so I was like oh hell yes. Then I went on a huge snowboarding trip 6 months later.
Still have a screwed up pec minor muscle (cramps up from time to time)

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My son has been hit by a car-twice!
The second time was last year. He was not paying atention and was so hyped up-he stepped out in front of a car. Ended up having a hip replacement.

I got slammed by a drunk driver in the back of my car right in front of the police station with 10 police cars standing outside. She was so blacked out it was insane, i thought she was on something else but idk. I had just smoked a ton of weed too, the cop came up to my car and didn’t say anything but I was nervous about it…the cops in that city didn’t care about weed though.

I hit a car once and did nothing and she called the cops on me and started freaking out I’m like “calm down lady”, but she couldn’t be calm, god was she a ■■■■

In 35 years of riving I’ve had about 7 or 8 accidents; only one of them was completely my fault and that was about two yeas ago when I t-boned some teenager. I’ve had two cars totaled under me in accidents but the rest were minor fender benders. I’ve collected money on about 5 accidents and spent the money on what I wanted instead of fixing my car damage.*

Two weeks after getting my license, I was out driving with a friend of mine. I stopped at what I thought was a four way stop, then hit the gas just as another car was coming. I thought they would stop, but they didn’t, and t-boned me. We flipped three times down a cliff and landed upside down. I was pinned to my seat, so my friend had to rip the seatbelt, then we climbed over broken glass to one of the back windows, and he kicked it out so we could escape. The car was filling with smoke at that point.

Then after we climbed back into the road he used his cellphone light to try to find any damage on us. I didn’t feel pain, but the light showed a lot of red leaking through my jacket. He started freaking out and called the ambulance saying I was bleeding and needed stitches. When the ambulance came, they checked me over and determined that a red pen had exploded in my pocket! There were no other injuries, thankfully.

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