Any SZ Gamers Here?

Just curious…

I’m pretty big on video games…they can definitely keep me distracted and keep my mind sharp. I mostly play JRPGs and SRPGs, but will play a little of everything else from time to time. Years ago, I wrote professionally about games.

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I’m a gamer, Ps3 (I wont touch the ps4 just yet I’ll wait it out) I am currently playing GTA 5 Online, I think it’s great fun and loads to do. I’m level 101 I could of been higher but at the start Rockstar had massive problems and they deleted 4 of my char meaning I had to keep restarting, It was a major put off but now that it’s fixed I’m really enjoying.

What are you playing?

PS I agree it’s a great distraction and does keep you sharp.

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Right now, jumping from game to game. I’m actually playing a lot of NCAA Football 14 on PS3 with some high school friends. I’m probably going to finsh BioShock 2 this week…I still need to get BioShock Infinite but at least it is cheap now.

I’m waiting a year to get the PS4. I used to buy every launch console, but figure I can just wait and get a better model in a year…and also when you can get games cheaper. Lol

I may need to get GTA V. I have all the old GTA games on my iPad. Sucks you lost characters…I hate losing time like that myself.

Yea and also all the bugs in the new consoles… I’m like you, It’s cheaper, looks better and plays better with cheaper games… Why wouldn’t you wait lol I bought fifa 14 on release day and played it for about a week before GTA came out… Now I’v not touched fifa 14… What a waste of money that turned out to be!

I haven’t played BIOSHock, is it good?

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I play World of Warcraft. That is about the only game I play because I don’t own a console. I do want the ps4 tho’.

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BioShock is awesome. It’s basically a first person shooter, but you have lots of supernatural abilities as well. It’s one of the few FPS games with an awesome story too. You can get BioShock 1 & 2 in one package for $20. It has all the extras too. Definitely worth checking out. It also has some pretty awesome visuals. I don’t think many people are still on the multiplayer but campaign is good for 16-22 hours per game depending on the difficulty you set.

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WoW interests me, but I try to avoid MMOs. The last time I got into a MMO, I was playing like 10 hoyrs per day. Lol

Bioshock scares me, its a very creepy game…

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I’ve been a gamer for life. Something to keep me busy with all the free time I have nowadays, being on disability and all. I play a lot of WSOP Poker on XBox 360 and a little Diablo III lately. My computer broke or I’d probably still be playing WOW.

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I ddn’t really think f it as creepy, but I guess the atmosphere and some enemies are odd for sure.

Definitely cool. I was into Diablo and Diablo 2 a long time ago. :slight_smile:

I game a lot. It definitely helps when I’m in high stress I play a lot of different stuff. I have a xbox 360 and I play a lot of Call of Duty Ghosts and Diablo 3. I also play WoW on occasion. I like a lot of FPS’s. I played Bioshock one and two but not the new one yet.


Been a gamer my whole life but it helps with symptoms definitely. I got my start on the Atari back in maybe 1992 or so, played PC most of my life. I got a console when I was19, the ps2. Since then had the DS, XBOX 360, Wii, no money for the new consoles yet.

I played WoW but that game took over my life pretty much. For any other older gamers out there Gamestop has a Quake logo wallet on their rewards catalog, can’t seem to find it anywhere else and I want one but can’t get it. Quake was my multiplayer roots, played games before it but Quake was the first multiplayer experience and one of my favorite games, especially Quakeworld mods.

These days I am on the XBOX, Call of Duty games, Fallout games, Batman games, I have somewhere between 60-70 games I just kind of play whatever strikes me as interesting at the time.

Gotta be careful with those video games, too easy to get distracted and lose track of time and then nothing gets done.

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Can’t watch a movie or see a television series but play some games…

Love the rpgs but recently got some hours into the mass effect series and having fun…

Spent some serious hours in Skyrim…New Vegas and Morrowind and still love building up the puter to get an edge…

Currently running a core i7 , 24 G ram, 250 gig evo ssd, 2 tb Hdd a new gtx GeForce 760…kicks ass on most things!

A friend in the struggle,



Nice to see many gamers here. Morrowind and Oblivion were like drugs to me lol. I pulled off a few playthroughs and when I did everything possible, sometimes I would just walk around and enjoy the sights. Reminds me of Assassin’s Creed. I don’t like AC games though, but I get a real kick out of just walking around looking for cool views. Lol. Couldn’t get into Skyrim. Sometimes my interest is hard to keep in games honestly until I find myself in sort of a zone like the old days me and then I can breeze through games. Lol

Nice rig RogueOne …also nice name on here. I think Rogue One as in Rogue Leader SW when I hear it.

Another long time gamer here. I play, and have played, almost everything, but the game that currently tops my most played list on Steam is Civilization V. I keep waiting for a certain “roguish” fellow to join me in a game, but he keeps evading me.

I’m looking at you rogueone. : )

I also play traditional role-playing games, but over the Internet. I’m starting a new campaign with the game Dark Heresy on Thursday when my players create their characters. We’re going to be using the software Fantasy Grounds with Google+ hangouts. It’s like being in the same room.

Games are a great diversion, and therapeutic. I always find it odd when I read or hear about someone who doesn’t play any games. They sure help me.

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I played that many times, I LOVE video games, they’re my life…the best games I have ever played is Mass Effect, Dragon’s Age, Assassin’s Creed…I played them over and over.

Tell me that 24 GB RAM is a typo! My god, what do you use it as? A server? Lol. I have 8GB and never even reached half of it…and I encode x.264, mess around with GIMP and play games known for maxing out their given slice of ram. I do, however, run Linux which is known for spectacular resource management.

Anyway. The games I play are the Anno series, Skyrim on PS3, Assassin’s Creed series, and recently I got a ‘game’ for PS3 called rocksmith which teaches electric guitar.

I spend most of my time on my android phone and tablet. I was thinking about getting a mini computer based on android tablet hardware (only without battery and screen) and using it as a file server. The problem will be finding the motivation for setting it up and maintaining it despite it being what I like to do.

I used to play wow a lot. I was completely consumed by the game. Played all night and went to work in daytime. Now I play only 3 times/week. I have to make up rules for playing.

I’ve played Halo and BF with my kids.

We bought a new computer to our gamer son he has 16 GB RAM. He uses a program to record what he plays and puts it on youtube.

mass effect and assassins creed are fun XD