Vegging out on risperidone once again

Now that I’m back on therapeutic doses of risperidone and going up to 3mg, I’m doing nothing but vegging out on the couch or gorging on tons of comfort food.

I’m not really complaining because the MEDS are there to keep me from being Hospitalized again but I really feel like some kind of mindless Zombie.

The Risperidone has really worsened my Negative Symptoms big time.

I’m kind of stuck because if i go lower in dose there is a big chance that I go Bonkers again.

I really like Latuda, maybe it would be helpful to ask about a newer med like that?

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Ive tried some of the newer antidepressant type MEDS like Abilify and Cariprazine and they were too stimulating for me.

My psychiatrist does not want me to try Latuda, she thinks that it could worsen my Anxiety.

I don’t know, maybe I can try something else

I am on risperidone. 4 mg. I was depressed for about a year. Now it’s mostly better.


I’m on risperidone consta. It’s better than abilify for sex, abilify caused numbness in my privates but I get non of that with risperidone. Guess I have to look out for my privates lol … negative symptoms are worse on risperidone, but everything down stairs is ok on it. Abilify =no sex

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I’m on Risperidone 3 mg and it doesn’t make me tired or hungry. I take it at night, though. I don’t know if that makes any difference. 3 mg and I still hear voices once in a while.

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I’ve been on risperidone for many years.
Just really noticing how bad the Negative Symptoms can get on risperidone.

I know I really shouldn’t be doing this but I went to the store and bought an extra large cup of coffee just so I can get a caffeine rush and actually feel something.

Currently I’m feeling flat and dead.

My psychiatrist has to come up with a solution- I don’t want to live like this.

Have you tried Rexulti? It’s not like Abilify, in my experience. I don’t get the restlessness, but I do notice it makes me lazy.

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Hmm I can certainly ask my pdoc about it.
It might be worth giving it a shot.
Thanks @Samp :slight_smile:

I’m like you and can’t tolerate the activating APs. For me what I found is if I take Rexulti at night, I get insomnia. So I would take it in the AM and just noticed laziness throughout the day.

It was pretty strong for me. I only took .5mg

Yeah right now my psychiatrist is bent on prescribing me only Risperdal.
It works for me and does a good job at controlling my symptoms.

I’ll see what she says about Rexulti
Thanks again @Samp :slight_smile:

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I’ve had a great experience on 2mg of rexulti after going through abilify, risperdal, and seroquel. None of the anxiety that came with the abilify, and my negative symptoms are minimal as compared to the risperdal and seroquel.


I stopped taking Risperdal Consta injection ten weeks ago. Never understood why I was on it. Got diagnosed as paranoid schizophrenic and have never heard voices or hallucinated in my life. (Apart from twice on mm, lol) . The only difference to how I feel is that it’s taking more effort to be positive/happy/optimistic but so far not in too big a way.

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Wave I dont think that med will be any good for you why dont you try 45mg mirtazapine? It works for me on low dose 15mg and has no side effects other then sleep.

Risperidone was very sleepy for me but id rather that then abilify thats for sure.

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Im on risperidone 4.5 mg and pacitane 3mg at night …been taking these from the past 7 years…i did try medicines like abilify,latuda but they cause lot of restlessness and they are not as effective as risperdal…pacitane can take care of the EPS symptoms you experience with risperdal…u can check with ur pdoc.

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I take invega 12mg which I think is meant to be similar to risperidone. It doesn’t cause much eating and I’m able to motivate to get out and do stuff like go to work three days a week on it.

Invega isn’t activating like abilify. Latuda just made me vomit.

I hope you find an answer soon @Wave.

How’s the search for moving out going? Any news on that front?

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I am on 3mg of risperidone I find it makes me tired sleeping for at least 12 hours and I have to sustain my wakefulness with loads of coffee. Fun fact was on 4mg would sleep for 18 plus hours and ended up in er, because I was so depressed about being tired, the demons in me tried to kill me. First ap I have been on, I might want to try some others, since I still hear voices at least they aren’t controlling right now.


Now that I am more stable, things are fine at home.
I am still on my Charity’s waiting list for housing.

Thanks for asking @anon84763962 :slight_smile:

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I’m really glad things are going well at home at the moment. I hope it keeps up!

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one major problem with risperidone is excess sleep …if i dnt keep an alarm the next morning i end up sleeping for more than 12 hrs…my pdoc has given me modafinil 100mg to be taken in the morning which keeps me alert .