Vegetarian stuffed peppers

Thought I would try vegetarian stuffed peppers next scratch cooking day. I’d welcome some recipe suggestions (no broad beans/butter beans/lentils as I don’t like those)

Bump. Could really do with some simple suggestions re stuffing them, folks .

rice, stewed tomatoes,any spices you like, kidney, pinto or black beans, onions and tvp (textured vegetable protein).
Any recipe for stuffed peppers with ground beef, just replace the beef with tvp.


Thanks @chordy 15 char

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Here’s one you could try that’s simple. I’d add jalapeños to it too

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@ZmaGal That looks good,but I wouldn’t be able to get several of the ingredients.

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What about cheddar cheese? Corn? Tomatoes? Do you have those?

I could do those. Tomatoes would be chopped tomatoes plain or with something like oregano.

I was thinking possibly brown rice,vegetarian mince,chopped tomatoes, onion,courgettes mushrooms, and some kind of beans but am not sure how that would work , and what amount of each to use. I was thinking enough for 4-6 stuffed peppers. Eat some and freeze the rest.

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Your idea sounds really good. Go for it!

I’m obsessing/worrying about the quantities to use so will probably scrap the idea. I’ m not a good judge of such things.

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I love chili poppers they amazing

That seems to be a South African thing.

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They so nice though. If u get a chance u should try make them…

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