Mixed bean chili

I’m making vegan chili with mixed beans, canned chopped tomatoes, basil garlic, garlic salt, savory, paprika, cinnamon, and pepper! How it’ll turn out? I have no clue but it’s in the crock pot for the night


I forgot to say onion


Good luck on your meal, it sounds good.

Post pics please

@anon80490300. I will once they’re done

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You will love it :slight_smile:

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@Bowens @anon80490300 @Three. I added corn at the end for a little more flavor and texture


looks tasty =D 151515

@lekkerhondje. Thank you! I think it is… Now I’m gonna let it set till lunch or dinner time before I eat it


Sounds healthy.

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@naturallycured. And yummy!

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Wow looks really good great job thanx for the pic

@anon80490300. Thank you! It tastes really good and I put a little crushed red pepper right before eating it and I enjoy it a lot! No problem


I had chilli con carne tonight

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@Resilient1. That sounds good… Was it good?

yeah it was nice but i couldnt eat it all though, it was a small portion i had about half a bowl.

sorry if you got upset last night :frowning: i feel bad about the whole thing :frowning:

That looks great! Dare I mix beans too? You’ve inspired me!

@Resilient1. I’m sorry it didn’t make much

It’s okay… I hate arguing and fighting of any kind…

@Rabbit_Farmer. Thank you! I’m so glad I inspired you! I hope it tastes good like mine did!

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