Vastly different already

A certain flavor of panic used to hit me every year about this same exact time. The kid sis did all she could to make sure it’s all going to be cool with me getting out the door in the morning to do the family thing. She lays out the clothing, and sets the alarm a little early, and I end up changing my mind about a 100 times and spend almost an hour pacing between my bedroom and the front door.

My brain would be convinced that I’ve lost my keys, my contacts lenses don’t work, I’ve sprained my ankle, I’m catching cold, I have bird flu or plague. She talks me down and somehow gets me into car.

There is family I want to see, but there is family I don’t want to see, and sometimes they are the same person. Last year she drove and I had such a fit about getting out the door that I grabbed her car key and tried to swallow it. But the savvy kid has a few spare keys.

This year is already shaping up to be different. I am up and ready before the kid. Though she wore herself out crying over a guy who was in no way worth it. I hate it when my kid cries.

No wetsuit needed this year. The surf report doesn’t look that good. It’s supposed to be sunny with no cloud cover, (so very cold outside) No wind. Well, no wind, no surf. Our favorite cousin is honestly down with a cold so we won’t see him. Because of the temp drop, the salmon has already been purchased and we don’t need to stand in the cold and pretend to fish. I am going to go, but I’m fighting some last minute nerves.

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It’s ok to be nervous. Tell your sis hugs for me. She will be alright. You will be alright too. Just take it one minute at a time.

Thank you for that. It was a very unusual time at the family house yesterday.

Poor kid sis… A full bowl of sticky popcorn didn’t hardly end the stream of tears. Something is going on besides the boy thing. This is the first Thanksgiving that she and John didn’t take off and go hang out for a while. They have a weird relationship. Maybe its because they are so close in age. But I have a feeling there is something is not right there. Maybe she finally stood up to him. :smiley:

Thanks for the hugs sent.

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