No quiet day for me now


It has been a major weird time at our house. SO much has gone on.
Dad is staying with us for a few days to get the e-true hollywood story of what is really happening around here. It’s nice having him around. He’s a very calm man and we have a lot in common.

My sister-in-law and the kids are here. She announced her boundaries to my younger brother who is falling apart. She said it was “get help or get divorced” time. Then she got the kids and split when the cussing started.

After all that I was sure Today would be quiet and clam. No…

SNOW! It finally hit Seattle. It’s not much but we rain city kids are stupid about snow. By east coast standards three to four inches is really nothing. But here in Rain City, it’s Snow-pocalypse. It my day off, I’m not too worried. I was hoping for a quiet day. I was planning on something quiet and cozy and warm. I was going to read and drink hot coco and rest. It’s not going to happen now.

The thing is, I have a kid sister who is going to wake up soon and when she sees that snow… There is going to be a ton of manic giddy.

there will be jumping, and hand springs and running around. It’s too much happiness over a few inches of snow. Then she’s going to want to drive and around and do doughnuts in the parking lots, and play in the snow all day. She is like this everyday it snows. If it snows tomorrow, she’ll be like this again.

No quiet day for me.