Fourth of july

This is my last favorite holiday. I’m already on edge and trying to calm. Family parties tend to trigger me and I’m pressured into going which adds stress. I may just say forget it and not go. But then I don’t want to be alone; scared to be alone in this state. Later is fireworks which sends me of the edge. Every fourth I have an episode for the past 5 years. I know I shouldn’t expect one but it makes me more nervous. If I don’t participate I’ll be alone which could be worse like last year. I just started on new medicine (navine) and it doesn’t help at all yet. Sorry for this being so long. Just starting to freak out.

Does anyone else have anxiety and things on holidays? Or any tips? Thanks.

When I was 14 a neighbors firework went through my toddler sisters bed room window. I got her out and we ended up in the hospital burn unit. The rest of the family got out too, but our house burnt down.

I HATE this day and I too have had a very hard time holding on during this loud, smokey, siren blaring day. I have always had a panic attack or some sort of episode on this day.

My burn scars are already itching and I’m already tense. My sis is also trying to keep calm. This is a hard day for both of us.

To cope I’ve put up thick curtains ages ago. Shut the windows tight, run fans. I keep the music on the head set a bit loud, I have fire extinguishers at the ready. I make sure my family is safe and I just end up going to bed very early with ear muffs on. I’ll also take an extra Xanax. Last year I also ran my little lawn sprinklers most of the evening to dampen down my yard.

Last year I tried to take some brisk walks around the block before all chaos breaks loose so I would be tired enough to sleep early.

I also have my sis with me and in the past we help keep each other distracted with a light movie or something before it gets dark.

Good luck my fellow suffer. You are not alone in barely getting through this day. I’m rooting for you.

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I’m rooting for you too. I hope it all works out for you. That sounds like an awful experience. One year my brother burnt down our shed with fireworks.

I may try the waking to get tired. That or take some pm advil or something. My family just pressure me into doing so the festivities. I guess I need to learn to just say no and not care what they say.

Thank you for responding though. Calms me down a little. Hope you two stay safe (:

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Yes, I would definitely say “Sorry, too tired to do much, this summer heat an all.” Then you could slip away and find a safe calm place to ride it out.

My family doesn’t even try to pull me or my sis out of the house on this day. Actually My kid sis and I weren’t the only once hurt in the fire. My other brother was in the other part of the house and ended up with smoke inhalation.

It sort of helps that my family doesn’t like this day and hides too. No pressure to be social.

every year in august a friend comes up to stay at my flat and we go out for one night on the clubbing scene. i dread it as i always have episode when i go out in the clubs i can’t wait to get home and it is worrying. the thing is i think my friend knows there is something wrong but i don’t know if she understands really what is happening i always let her visit me as i like to keep the friendship going

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Yeah that would be nice if my family would be like that. My immediate family know about my schizo but not many others. Wish my father would just accept I can’t go ha.

We’re going to the movies to see the latest Melissa McCarthy movie “Tammi”. It’s air conditioned and we’re all trying to be more social. There are 6 of us mentally ill folk. Fireworks are banned in Placer County because of the drought. There going to shoot them off at the fairgrounds though.

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I can’t do clubs either. Though I recently had a situation like yours except I told my friend. I really wanted to leave but didn’t want to compromise his fun time. Have you thought about telling her?