Van outside

There is a van parked in my driveway. I know it must belong to either the media or the government both of which are stealing my thoughts at the moment.

maybe you should nap my friend. it could be a carpet cleaning service or many other commercial vehicles

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It doesn’t belong to the government or the media turtle. But some people are inconsiderate and think they can temporarily park where they like. It will go away.

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This, plus for whatever reason of all the driveways on the street, people tend to use our driveway to turn around most of the time.

I also go on alert with unfamiliar vehicles. It’s like damn just stay off my property.

That is police’ job to deal with the car parking without permission.

The van is gone. Now I have to check the house for bugs.

Don’t worry. I’m sure it’s not the government. Just some jerk that doesn’t care if you can get to work on time.

Maybe if you get a few barrels with a little bit of liquid in them (to keep them from blowing over) or get some of those traffic cones and decorate the front of your driveway with them so someone has to either knock them over, get out and more them, or just go on their merry way and park somewhere else. Basically something bulky that nope, not here a**hole.

This would make me very paranoid also @anon84763962, but don’t worry it’s not what you think.

Try to calm down and use logic if you can.

This shall pass.

Thanks everyone. I’m very tired now.