How many people use a van as their primary car?

It’s just because downstairs just got into a brown van with no livery. People convinced it was a surveillance van

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Interesting. What if FBI and CIA agents are just #gamers #Tuning in

I’d like to know more about this YOLO situational you’ve been faced with/

What does YOLO mean?

apologies. It means “you only live once”.

Sorry I am not sure what you mean in these posts. I am slow today as I have no coffee!

I was just wondering what you did see promoting this post. Interests me.
Yea, i’ll admit I’ve been cranking coffee since midnight. #5am

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I think I mostly look for reassurance when I make posts like that. For someone to reality check my observations and conclusions

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Why would anyone spy on you?

Take a good look at your life dude. Have you been in the army? Have you ever worked with classified information? Are you a hacker? Do you delay tax payments?

I bet the answer to all of the above is a loud NO.
So the obvious conclusion is: nobody is tailing you.



Thanks @Andrey I needed to hear that. :sunglasses:

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They are filming something outside my flat, looks professional, it’s a german outdoor biking thing for sky, they’ll be getting the stunt man to do bunny hops lol

Don’t worry about the van, it’ll be nothing, it always is


You can make lots of money with Uber if you have a van.

When I got sick one of my neighbors had his WiFi network named FBI surveillance van number 5. It used to freak me out because there was always a van on the street. Now I think it’s pretty funny.

When I was growing up my parents owned a vending machine company and we always had a van to carry the cokes, candy, chips and cakes to the machines.

I wouldn’t worry about it. It’s a utility vehicle probably.

I have a van for our vehicle. Our internet is FBI Surveillance Van, t oo.

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I drove a minivan for fifteen years. Finally got back into a sedan nearly two years ago. I miss being able to go on photo outings with a cooler of food and my inflatable mattress in the back to snooze on.

Pretty much everyone with kids, or who transports large amounts of things, or who has lots of friends, owns a van. They’re very practical, durable, and have a large cargo capacity. Most handymen, plumbers, electricians, carpenters, landscapers, etc own vans. They’re pretty much the most popular vehicle on the road.

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I drive a car now, but back when I was a DJ, we had a large van to move all our equipment in.

We use Mrs. Squirrel’s van for hauling DJ gear to and from gigs.

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I had a 15 passenger van for several years. That thing was amazing. Though not so much with gas. I miss it.

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If they made a mini van in all wheel drive, I’d be on it like flies on dung.

Actually I see Toyota makes one, but I’m not a fan of Toyota so it’s still a no go.