Using Fidget Spinners May Actually Impede Learning

I remember the hype surrounding these things back in 2017, I think it was? I was a cashier at a department store at the time and we carried them and had to keep them near the registers to prevent theft. They sold out almost instantly whenever we got a shipment; we’d get constant calls asking if we had them, and when we did, people would ask to reserve them so they could pick them up later.

Anyway, interesting article. :slight_smile:


kids must be very bored to play with these, maybe they should climb trees or kick a ball around instead

I had a football. I had no friends . I kicked that football up and down my parent’s back garden . My brother and sister never joined in . My father did very occasionally .
I never climbed a tree.

My husband played with them damned fidgets more than the kids, he would purposely get the most weaponized looking ones, cause no way he wasn’t gonna try to send that thing flying at me or one of the kids. I think we have 10 around here.

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