Fidget spinners are not just a fad – ask any ballpoint-pen clicker

The fidget spinner craze has been sweeping elementary and middle schools. As of May 17 every one of the top 10 best-selling toys on Amazon was a form of the hand-held toy people can spin and do tricks with. Kids and parents are even making them for themselves using 3D printers and other more homespun crafting techniques.

But some teachers are banning them from classrooms. And experts challenge the idea that spinners are good for conditions like ADHD and anxiety. Meanwhile, the Kickstarter online fundraising campaign for the Fidget Cube – another popular fidget toy in 2017 – raised an astounding US$6.4 million, and can be seen on the desks of hipsters and techies across the globe.


My brother’s friend was playing with one of those at our house and my mom asked him “Are you autistic??”

We were like MOM and she was like “what that’s what they’re for” She confused ADHD with autism. Oh lordie…


Anna where are ur rattos…

Under my bed…just kidding I already put them away. They were running all around my room tonight, I wanted to let them get good exercise now since I’m gonna be gone all next week. One of them snuck under my desk and it took aaaages to get her out and back in the cage :sweat_smile: Don’t know what I was expecting


Looks pretty…

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