US Labor Day/American workplace physically, emotionally taxing


I find waking up at 5 am physically, and emotionally taxing. I don’t even work

Dreading work tomorrow. This weekend took so much out of me.

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I refuse to work for anyone else what with all I hear about the American workplace nowadays. If I ever have to return to work for any reason, I will work for myself and nobody else.

I liked working in America. Ended up working for Barnes and Noble. Had some really good bosses and it was a great experience…they rewarded hard work which often doesn’t happen in Australia. Health insurance made up for the low wages but they looked out for their workers.

Here in Australia. We are moving into a world where kids probably wont ever get jobs. As they crack down on social security I think that is a scary thing for society!

Meanwhile I’m not working here…travel times are way too long ( an hour plus to work ) and I sleep too much so I’m on disability. Crossing fingers that isn’t a bad proposition in these modern times!