Update on my situation

I no longer believe in the clone thing I used to believe. But I’m still struggling with thinking they will take me to North Korea to turn me into the dictator and they do this to a 1000 people through plastic surgery. Any ways to combat this? New people are welcome. Also my boyfriend thinks I have no mental issues so this all confuses me.

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I’m glad to hear you’ve made some progress. What does your boyfriend say when you tell him about your North Korea delusion? Does he think that’s a normal belief to have?

No he doesn’t. But he thinks I can have an unusual belief and still not be schizoaffective.

It sucks that he feels entitled to diagnose you without being qualified to do so. The real test is the amount of anguish this delusion is causing you. What other symptoms do you have? Voices, negative symptoms?

I’ve had voices. I don’t really feel like doing much so I guess that is a negative symptom. I also had capgras where I thought my family were imposters. I don’t believe that anymore. I also cut my neck because I heard voices saying that it would save me from becoming a dictator and I would go to heaven and that I only had 4 hours to do it. So command hallucinations.

It sounds like you’ve experienced plenty of sz/sza symptoms. Maybe you could find some material about sza for your boyfriend so he understands the kind of support you need from him.

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Mainly just worried about the North Korea situation still

I tried to kill myself twice because of this and feel like no one cares. They still want to get me regardless.

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