Update on my life and the boring reasons why I was gone

So I haven’t been on here in a while :sweat_smile: But I kinda have a good reason to ._.

I’m signing up for autum classes at the city college, I broke up with my ex (the one I was gushing about on here :sweat_smile: mostly because he was messaging girls behind my back but also cause he had this god complex/narcissism thing going on that didn’t help) about a month and a half ago, but I’m also getting worse. It used to be easy for me to capture my thoughts down on here but lately I’ve skipped out on words and I have this ever growing fuzziness in my head like I can’t think straight. I think it’s because I did some shots with my best friends and took an edible (I was still getting over my ex and decided that I deserved them :sweat: ) or maybe it’s cause it’s getting closer to my birthday and I’m stressing out and it’s bringing out more symptoms? I’m not sure. I’m gonna come clean to my mom about it because I need insurance info and I’m getting just a bit scared lately. My fingers will go numb for a couple of minutes, I’ll get these intense pains like a really bad headache for a minute and it’ll go away but the pain is so bad that I’ll just drop if I don’t prepare for it or if I’m walking on unsteady ground.

Other than that though, I’m doing good :sweat_smile: How are all y’all on here? Did I miss any drama?

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The numb thing sounds kind of odd, maybe a med effect? I’m glad you broke up with him he sounds like a jerk :slight_smile: I’m going to be taking classes too but they’re all accelerated so I’m very nervous!!

Not really any drama here lately I don’t think, it’s been pretty calm

Thank you, it certainly has made things open my eyes about everything that’s been affected by him, even things he indirectly changed about me :blush: And I dunno, I’m not on meds but I think maybe it might be diabetes or something because that runs in my family :thinking: That sounds like fun though! I wish you the best with your classes and if you ever wanna complain about school, I’d be down! :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s good, I’ve been trying to read or skim through threads to see what y’all regulars I missed out on but haven’t seen anything concerning yet

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Hopefully, you’re not going through something called “narcissistic victim syndrome” although, it’s rare in my instance because I was a same-sex, platonic friend of the person I suspected was a narcissist. You should be on guard a little extra, maybe, since you were a female, heterosexual, female partner because that’s who’s most vulnerable.

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I don’t think I’m going through that because most of the “main symptoms” of it were things that I’ve felt before he and I were dating :sweat_smile: I dunno if that means someone else in my life is causing me to feel that way or if it’s just a coincidence but :woman_shrugging:

And I might be getting a new job soon! I’m still working at the place my ex and I worked at together which is great cause he’s leaving for Spain in less than two weeks and the starting pay is slightly better and it’s a lot more stable and fun sounding job. It would be working at a school with kids and with more stable hours and weekends and holidays off, I can go back into volunteering at my favorite nonprofit to get even more money and help out my community! I’m so excited, I really hope I get it. One of my best friends L thinks Ill get it right away because she got it so easily and considering I’m just a little more suited for the job (plenty of personal experience with kids, my major was going to be working with kids so I have taken some classes about working with them, the non profit I’m especially in love with helps deals with anger management and diverse backgrounds, etc.) she doubts there’ll be any more effort I need to put in to get it

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