Update on inlaws bearded dragon

We took him back to the vet for a check up. No signs of worms in his last fecal exam. So he’s ok. Leo is about 16-18 months old best estimate by the vet. But he said they cant always guess correctly. I know he’s not mine but my inlaws would never take him to the vet. I love the moody little jerk.


clean him good, with spring water, daily

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By bearded dragon do you mean a dog? What are his symptoms?

You sure are an interesting one. He wasn’t digesting his superworms, it was discolored and runny. Now its more solid and his urate is normal. I just talked about bearded dragon poop on a sz forum. I’m weird.

Since you didn’t tell me, I Googled it. I did not know that a bearded dragon is a lizard. Don’t forget we aren’t know it alls.

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Sorry I don’t mean to offend. I apologize. I was just happy Leo is better now.

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I’m glad he’s feeling better! I’m glad you take such good care of the animals in your life!

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I’ve been called worse.

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Makes me wonder, don’t they eat worms? How can you get worms from worms? You would imagine they have some sort of resilience.

All feeders carry a risk of parasites. The lizards have to be checked every 6-12 months.


So, parasites contain smaller parasites? I think of worms and insects as parasites, but I suppose they could host parasites themselves.

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