Update on herp

If you don’t know about what herps are they are a classification meaning reptiles and amphibians.

Kaisei the bearded dragon will be 6 in December and he is not slowing down. Pooped on his mini pillow pet it’s a dinosaur. So that’s still working. Washed it now he’s being Mr grumpy dragon

Leo is feeling better but he’s not eating his superworms. So I’m buying hornworms small ones so Jasper can eat them too. He gets calcium and uvb from one of his bulbs.

Jasper ate recently but is still refusing night crawlers. She ate shrimp and pacman frog food. My partner and i talked but still have to discuss it more but if i keep up being so on top of things and Jasper turns 7 months old in July i can maybe get an ornate Pacman frog


This looks like the psychedelic frog that Homer from the Simpsons licked and went on a trip, ha.


My partner said we still have to talk about it more. We’re both hoping we get her uncle’s house. But things are still in limbo. Since two of the dogs are gone it’s easier.

But my partner’s little sister saw a dog at the shelter she is volunteering at a pitbull named buck that she wants.

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