One of my geckos died

my partner’s gecko died. azuma stubs. he wouldn’t eat his fruit mix or bugs. we took him to the vet and they told us he didn’t make it. i cried i keep thinking it was my fault.

why would it be your fault?

i should have tried harder to feed him, maybe keep him in longer with the bugs so he would eat but i tried for an hour every day to get him to eat but i was too scared to force feed him like people suggested

It sounds like it was just his time to go. When an animal won’t eat, it’s usually because they have something serious wrong with them. You did everything you could. Force feeding him would probably just have made him throw up.


I am so sorry just don’t blame yourself =( you tried what you could. These pets sometimes have strange illnesses and they react differently. I know my dad’s birds died sometimes without any obvious sreason.


he got infected with parasites again according to the vet. he believes before when he checked him his parasite load maybe have been so little that they didn’t catch it in time. i still have kaisei my bearded dragon and Edward nubs my other crested gecko. but right now i am out of worms to feed my bearded dragon. he eats his greens almost every day especially if its bok choy.

can you feed him those worms found after rain?

he wont eat those kinds, he prefers super worms. sorry i should have been more specific. vets actually recommend that you don’t feed bugs from outside because they most contain parasites or come from yards full of pesticides or weed killers.

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yeah just yesterday I was walking out and there were worms everywhere where I live! I wondered =(

Anyway, my dad used to buy worms when going fishing, they were very cheap

when i had my tiger salamander he would eat earthworms and eat about a worm twice a week. my bearded dragon eats a lot of super worms per sitting twice a week. as bearded dragons get older they eat more veggies and fruits

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Force feeding him maybe would of been very stressful for the animal, don’t blame yourself! And rip little one!