Aspiring chess players can turn to me in a private message

I have some advice for you.

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my head is all over atm i cant focus enough to play chess at a good rate, i get easily distracted and make some terrible moves

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@Resilient1 try to play at “classical” time controls, it is easier to survive in “classical” time control with
concentration problems than in rapid/blitz/bullet.

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i was never serious about it, it was always a bit of fun but it isnt much fun when i get beaten all of the time, the 4 player chess seemed to help me the most and i liked playing the computer, you are right though, ‘classical’ is probably the simplest moves and i really should build on that, i thought i could just wing it and come up with my own moves but i dont think you can just blag your way through chess,

right now i have beaten a genius but i have also been beaten by a 10yr old so i’m guessing my sporaric random moves cause me to win by fluke sometimes but also lose spectacularly as well.

Hello @Resilient1 .
I know how frustrating it can be to lose.
I did not mean you should play classical MOVES, I meant classical TIME CONTROL.
There is no such thing as classical moves, except in the opening.
My goal would be to go somewhere( a different country) and join a chess academy, training many hours a day,
and in my spare time doing physical training at least several hours a day.
The goal would be to move “from chess amateur to chess master”, so to speak.

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sound good, i have a Chess club near me but i dont want to compete with people professionally, its just a hobby, i also play dominoes and other games,

there is a really complicated game that is being played called Arkham Horror, it looks like a very good game and maybe even harder than chess, you dont play against other players and if you want to win you need to work together in certain respects in order to work your way through worlds and dimensions, the name of the game is to defeat the devil at the end of the game.

@Resilient1 I am sorry to hear that.
I have great motivation to be a competitive chess player.
I have great motivation for chess and for physical exercise.

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if you think you can teach me a better game then my handle on is dreamyhead i think.

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