UOW's Gordon Wallace says new schizophrenia research finds brain wiring can be regrown


It looks like an earthquake!

A cure beckons for us WOW that’s AWESOME!!!
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Will Gordon Wallace be our savior!?

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This is the same university that was/is working on the brain implants for treatment of schizophrenia!

Now we just need to wait 20 years for the FDA to approve it.

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@MeghillaGorilla1 if I get cured at 80 even I’ll thank god!!!


I don’t want tentacles in my brain :frowning:


I’m sorry @Bee3 you must get brain tentacles

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I don’t believe that it’s doable

How do they implant the device? How do they know where your brain needs new wiring?

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They don’t have a prototype. This is not a technology that they can take to the FDA now. What they dicovered is that it is possible. So, that’s great. But it’s not going to be something that will be available anytime soon, they don’t have a device or a treatment, just a greater understanding of what is possible.

Still, it’s great news.

As far as how they would know what areas needed “new wiring” possibly something like brain electroencephalography, MRI, SPECT scans, that sort of thing. Or maybe tests of blood or spinal fluids. That’s above my pay grade. But that technology will mature along with this one. And DARPA funded researchers are working on a way to do implants that goes in through a blood vessel like they do today for stents in the heart, that would avoid opening the skull. But of course I suppose through the skull like they do for cochlear hearing implants might also be something they would do.



How long until we see treatments like this

I need some pfc rewiring for sure, I still remain with alogia after everything else has gone

Heres the article.

How do they know that deficit in those tentacles is the underlying pathology of schizophrenia? That alone seems like a breakthrough to me

Gonna take a stab and say this type of technology might be used in a treatment in more than 10 and less than 50 years.

But what do I know. Be interesting to write to the folks at UOW and ask how they intend to apply it.