What Monkey Brains Can Tell Us About Schizophrenia

Psychologists have had a pretty good idea of how this works for some time — your brain holds information for a short period of time, as long as you stay focused on it. This is called working memory, and it’s the reason you can still picture things in your head shortly after you’ve seen them. In research published Thursday in Nature Communications, researchers have unlocked another piece of the neural puzzle behind this phenomenon. And while this research is still preliminary and far from human application, it may someday help people with schizophrenia prevent or manage their hallucinations.

Seems like they are really chipping away at the block of ice.

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The law of accelerating returns.

We’ve learned more about the brain in the last 15-20 years than the previous century, and we’ll expand that pace in the next 15-20 years. Perhaps we’ll see 200 years of discovery (from a 20th century perspective) in 10 or 20 years.

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@twinklestars now, at last, humanity is progressing rapidly.
Not only in brain research, in everything.
In the past it wasn’t so unfortunately, but better late than never.

I am afraid that in the past conservatism, religion held back progress.


You know the story of the inventor of chess and the emperor, I’m sure. He asked for one grain of rice on the first square, 2 on the second, 4 on the next, 8 on the next … it seemed modest, probably til about the middle of the chessboard. By the end, it amounted to more rice than there was in the world.

I think we’ve reached the middle of the chessboard now. Now is when we see what exponential really means.

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In 20 years from now I’ll be 60 and it won’t matter much anyway.
The last 15 years of hell cannot be forgotten

Stay alive long enough, already within the next 10 years there will be cures for baldness, wrinkles, you’ll be able to regrow teeth. 60 will be the new 30 :wink:

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Thanks @twinklestars. But I will believe it when I see it.

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Fair enough.

I wonder how we will interface with the web in 15 years. Will we have smart phones? Gonna be interesting.

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